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CCP reacts to the criticism online

August 3, 2011

In the past few days there seems to have been some slight reactions to the massive criticism online (especially on microblogs) following the Wenzhou train accident last month, acknowledging that official handling and communication of the incident has been poor to say the least.

Yesterday the People’s Daily had a short article on how officials interact with the public in “the age of microblogs”.

微博时代如何说话(人民论坛) – Original chinese version

Politics in the age of the microblog – English translation and comments from China Media Project

While pointing out that “weibo” language needs to be concise and honest “ordinary language” there is in amplicit critique of the poor handling of the medium showed by some officials. “Official-speak” (and clear  propaganda as well?)  will be called out by fellow bloggers.

Increasingly microblogs provide an important platform for the communication between officials on all levels and the public and as such it is very much in the interest of the CCP that the communication conveys the correct message and does not incite any “internet unrest”.


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